High Horizons Magnet School

Grades K-8
700 Palisade Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06610
(203) 275-4550

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High Horizons Magnet School is an intra-district magnet program with a focus on the study of reading and language arts. They have received the extremely prestigious U.S. Department of Education National Blue Ribbon Recognition.

Grade Level Availability:
Grade K; Grades 1-8 waiting list

Entrance Criteria:
There are no criteria for entering Kindergarten, grades 1-8 must meet minimal report card and behavior standards. 

What are Magnet Programs?

Magnet schools create exciting learning experiences that promote student achievement. They are schools with programs that have a special focus, ranging from science and literature to performing arts and innovative technology. They attract students based on their learning needs, skills and special interests.