Multicultural Magnet School

Grades K-8
700 Palisade Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06610
(203) 275-4601

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Multicultural Magnet School is an intra-district magnet program with a focus on fostering the ability to learn a second language (Spanish or Portuguese) in line with the multicultural theme throughout the curriculum. They were the first district school to receive the National Blue Ribbon Award in addition to being honored with Lone Pine Award recognizing academic excellence twice and receiving CONNCAN recognition for the past three years for efforts in closing the achievement gap.

Grade Level Availability:
Grades K; Grades 1-8 waiting list

Entrance Criteria:
There are no criteria for entering Kindergarten, grades 1-8 must meet minimal report card and behavior standards.

What are Magnet Programs?

Magnet schools create exciting learning experiences that promote student achievement. They are schools with programs that have a special focus, ranging from science and literature to performing arts and innovative technology. They attract students based on their learning needs, skills and special interests.